Welcome To Papalote

Since 1999 Papalote has been serving our community, offering our neighbors quality, authenticity, and consistency. We prepare and present authentic Mission District fare, and we pay meticulous attention to every ingredient that goes into our dishes. Our grilled meats are grilled and served immediately, never prepared ahead of time, or refrigerated and then reconstituted. From grill to tortilla, whether you're having a burrito, a taco, or a quesadilla, you'll thoroughly enjoy the unique flavor of freshly grilled vegetables and meats, as well as delicately sautéed seafood offerings and succulent vegan and vegetarian options. It's a pleasure to serve you and continue the culinary tradition my Great-Aunt Celia started here in San Francisco in the mid 60's.

Come for the freshness, stay for the salsa. We are so glad you're here.